Easily spin up, scale and destroy Hadoop clusters

Helm Chart

Now you can apply Helm Chart on your existing K8s cluster and watch those data nodes spin up as pods!

HoK Operator

HoK Operator can manage all your Hadoop clusters via Custom Resource - HoK

Web UI

Dont't want to edit yamls? Worry not, we have a built-in web UI platform for you.


Focus on Automation

Setting up your own Hadoop environment is tedious. And setting it up for multiple teams in your project is suicidal. We focus on automating so that you can have multiple Hadoop cluster instances up and running in minutes.

Using our Helm Chart is simple

It's very easy to use helm charts and deploy apps on K8s. Use Hok Charts which can do the following

  • Create separate namespace.
  • Spin up Hadoop cluster in that namespace.
  • Scale up or down data nodes as needed.
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HoK Operator

Tired of editing long values.yml file? Deploy our operator which watches our Custom Resource - HoK so that you focus on managing resources not Yamls!

  • Easily deploy operator.
  • List HoK resources in Kubernetes
  • Manage HoK resources
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Web UI

How about managing all this via UI?

  • Manage Hadoop instances via UI
  • See realtime hadoop resources status
  • Get logs to monitor how datanode components are running.
Deploy (Development In Progress)

Want to contribute or extend Hokstack’s features?

Hokstack’s codebase is freely available. Fork, explore, submit PR! Join to become a part of Hokstack community.

  • We are open for all the new features please see the PR proccess.
  • Follow the code of conduct while contributing

Want to know more? Watch out our interactive video

Hokstack is Open-Source

Unlimited clusters
  • Helm Charts
  • Operator
  • Web UI
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